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         Austrian Tiancheng Machinery Co. Ltd. is Aode machinery (Hongkong) Company Limited subordinate enterprises, engaged in the temperature control system engineering has 10 years of history. In order to

      • Chiller Series

         Compressor high and low voltage protection, overheat protection in low water level alarm devic...

      • One series of hot and cold

        With Europe and Japan imported compressor, refrigeration system of welding interface using...

      • Heat Pump Series

        High temperature heat pump (80 degrees water) high temperature heat pump (80 degrees water)...

      • Mold temperature series

        Application of high temperature and hot water temperature control machine: at present...


      • Water-cooled chiller

      • Air-cooled chiller

      • Water-cooled screw chiller

      • Air-cooled screw chiller

      • Environmentally friendly water-cooled chiller

      • Environmentally friendly air-cooled chiller

      • Water-cooled low temperature chiller

      • Low temperature air-cooled chiller

      • Cold oil machine

      • Laser Chiller

      • Anodized aluminum oxide chiller

      • Hot and cold air-cooled machine

      • Cooler

      • Explosion proof low temperature water cooler

      • Ex chiller

      • Cooling tower

      • Water cooled spray unit

      • mokuaishi